Dan Upshaw


Rounded Corners module for OpenSCAD


Just a few of the websites I've helped build


Thingiverse Profile

jQuery Star Rating

Parses a text rating and renders stylable stars with font glyphs and optional click events

jQuery Searchify

Flexible, styleable, element searching plugin

jQuery + CSS Dropdown Menu

Lightweight, Simple, Styleable jQuery Plugin


Organize your browser tabs / windows by customizing the title bar


Instalution aims to be a revolutionary solution to Instagram

Setting up GPG

An article I wrote on how to set up and secure a GPG identity for use across multiple devices.

PHP/SVG Sports Bracket

Anti-Spam Email Obfuscating jQuery Anchor Link


Richmond VA Hackathon 2013

Dave's Comprehensive Guitar Chord Calculator

Mirror of (someone else's abandoned) JavaScript application from 2001

"How Do I Like?"

A bookmarklet(?) that removes the Like buttons from a Facebook page. Note that certain changes to FB may break this and necessitate an update. In fact it probably doesn't function anymore. I'm actually not sure! However, I would like to note that this thing kept on functioning for at least ~5 years after it was created, and through a number of significant evolutions of Facebook itself!

AITP Visual C++ Challenge Winner

What is a Full-Stack Developer?


Say "hello."

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